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Physicians Choice Premium Cushioned & Ventilated socks for Diabetics. A diabetic sock is a non-binding and non-elasticated sock which is designed so as to not constrict the foot or leg.
These socks are Doctor Recommended for those with Diabetes or circulation problems. Our Socks are 1st Quality, Not Seconds.Good for leisure wear, jogging and workouts. These socks areAmerican Made and specifically made not to Restrict Circulation and give more comfort and less irritation.
We offer Low-Cut- Crew- and OTC Socks.--- Description & Details shows the Protection provided for your feet!---These are not TUBE SOCKS, they have a heel and toe.
Give your feet the comfort and protection they deserve.
These high quality 80% cotton blend socks were designed for comfort!
Non-Binding for better circulation ----
GREAT SOCKS Specifically for those with Diabetes, Neuropathy, Edema or sensitive feet.-- You will appreciate the non-binding loose fit up to 11” stretch top stay up design so socks don't slip down and allows better circulation helping to avoid discomfort and swelling.Yet, even with the up to 11’ stretch top you need not worry, the unique design allows the socks to stretch but not slip down....
Attention has been given to the seams as well as additional cushioning along the bottom help provide extra comfort....
Machine wash in warm or cold water with like colors..... Tumble dry
Proudly Made in USA Diabetic Socks-
We are offering free shipping on this package. : wash in cold or warm water with like colors. Tumble dry
color 3 pr blk-10-13 Crew, 6pr blk 10-13 crew, 12-pr blk-10-13 crew, 3pr wht-10-13 crew, 6pr wht-10--13 Crew, 12pr-wht-10-13 crew, 3-pr blk-13-15 Crew, 6pr-blk-13-15 Crew, 12-pr-blk-13-15 Crew, 3-pr-wht-13-15-Crew, 6-pr-wht-13-15- Crew, 12-pr-wht-13-15 crew, 3-pr blk-10-13-OTC, 6-pr blk-10-13-OTC, 12-pr-blk-10-13-OTC, 3-pr-wht-13-15 OTC, 6-pr-wht-13-15 OTC, 12-pr-wht-13-15-OTC, 3-pr-BLK-13-15 OTC, 6-pr-BLK-13-15 OTC, 12pr blk 13-15 OTC, 3-pr-WHT-10-13 low cut, 6-pr wht-10-13 low cut, 12pr wht-10-13 Low Cut, 3-BLK 10-13 low cut, 6-BLK 10-13 low cut, 12-BLK 10-13 low cut, 3-pr-WHT-13-15 low cut, 6pr wht-13-15 Low Cut, 12-pr wht-13-15 Low Cut, 3-BLK 13-15 low cut, 6-BLK 13-15 low cut, 12-BLK 13-15 low cut
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